Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giants, star-ships, invasions, pursuits, escapes, ancient star travelling civilizations archaeology

There were giants and  zombies coming, I ran. The little ones were in trouble, I ran and flew when I could but I could  not fly higher than the giants could reach and the zombies could climb. I found a fortress to retreat to. the bottom floor was compromised but i raced to the top of the fort building where there were others and weapons to arm ourselves with. I made it just before the giants and zombies could reach me, the gate and stair case was lifted after I reached the top. I made it to safety, I switched to a giants perspective, the tables had turned now the little ones had the advantage and I was a giant about to be defeated. They started firing arrows and there was no place to hide so we ran and retreated, we were forced into the middle of town at a crossroads, many giants were slaughtered in the retreat. Why do I always see from the losing side? As they all got trapped in the middle of town that is when things got worse. Trains started smashing through buildings and were colliding and killing the giants, the zombies were non-existent now. I was one of the few that escaped the tragedy, but I was still being hunted. Time had advanced to the machine age and now there were boats and helicopters buzzing around, I was about to die, I got shot and fell into the water, I pretended to be dead and exhausted all my breath to sink to the bottom of the river, divers came after me to check my pulse, they found me. I ran under some structure where they could not get me with their bullets and missiles. I entered a lake terribly wounded. I escaped into the only direction I could deep into the lake. I avoided detection from their pursuits. I reached the bottom but time sped forward. Aircraft carrier submarines floated out of the bottom of the lake from the Earth and whisked away out of the lake and into the air as a star ship. Then many starships started landing on the bed of the lake and I was captured. I switched to another perspective of a diver. I explored the ancient ruins of the ancient space faring civilization at the bottom of the lake. Music came out of pipes and I playe with a strange computerized percussion machine, it was a space age arcade room and many things were being revived. The civilization was being revived. The connections among the scenes is loose. I started playing a game, in it I was transported through a tunnel and dipped into lava then transported into the middle of Earth. I learned about a new tool that could be used to create portals on the walls to anywhere I could think of. there was a process to activating the portals and it took a few seconds to energize or activate some predestined portals. I entered some portals to some other worlds but they were scary and I retreated back to the center of Earth.
Created: 14-3-27, 15:30, by Jonathan Bean

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