Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Electric Zombie Dragons Dream

Wednesday, 3/19/2014 By Jonathan Bean I was sent through the universe and ended up in an electrified world there was as much electricity as there is air on Earth. This dream began after a much longer dream where I was to escape Earth after some sort of invasion. I found a teleport, I went through it and then someone closed it forever and put a force-field around it. I was bodiless so I asked a partner to put me into this body or suite or robot machine avatar, it had a big gun for an arm which would help since the place seemed dangerous. I was in an underground tunnel, I went through some gates and was in a lifeless world. I heard warnings that the electric storm was coming. I went back into the tunnel and crawled through the small opening as it was closing to protect the tunnel from the storm. One guy did not make it through all the gates. Two guys made it into the tunnel but there were no lights. There was a glow coming from over the cliff, the underworld beasts were coming from the abyss, the guns were running out of energy and the beasts would get them. I switched back to the body in the electrified zone. I found a hole in the ground that was safe from the electric fields. It turned out to be a trap, I heard something coming from underground, I was going to be eaten by bugs. Then during the electric storm, something flew from the sky and opened the hatch and picked me up and wrapped me up and took me through the storm, my body was transformed by two of these electric beasts, I was now the offspring of these two beings. I realized that the beasts were zombie dragons and I was one of them.
Here is a picture I rendered and painted:

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