Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alien Humanitarian Aid Organization

I had a dream about an alien invasion. It was more like a forced kind of assistance by the aliens. They came without warning. The skies were filled with space ships of all sizes. The smallest one man spaceships were closest to the ground. I was on my way to the invasion shelter or the building that would keep the aliens out.
They used advanced technology to make us do as they wanted. A beam of energy would beam from a device on their ship and the energy would encase the subject. After the beam reached the person then they became a puppet of the alien. We were unsure of the intentions of the aliens. All the people in the city were all filling into a line into a building under the influence of the alien mind control. I do not  know what happened for the next few months because I  evaded the aliens and found a hiding spot. The aliens found me but did not bother me after I showed them what I was reading and working on. I knew that they did not interfere with me because they approved of my activities. I ventured out of the hiding spot after few weeks and found that the entire landscape had changed. The city had evolved. I knew that the aliens had used mind control to makes us develop into a more advanced world. I volunteered to check out the city and found that everyone had changed. Everyone had become more socially oriented rather than self interested. I joined in in helping develop the society. 
Dream on 12/20/13
By Jonathan Bean

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