Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giants, star-ships, invasions, pursuits, escapes, ancient star travelling civilizations archaeology

There were giants and  zombies coming, I ran. The little ones were in trouble, I ran and flew when I could but I could  not fly higher than the giants could reach and the zombies could climb. I found a fortress to retreat to. the bottom floor was compromised but i raced to the top of the fort building where there were others and weapons to arm ourselves with. I made it just before the giants and zombies could reach me, the gate and stair case was lifted after I reached the top. I made it to safety, I switched to a giants perspective, the tables had turned now the little ones had the advantage and I was a giant about to be defeated. They started firing arrows and there was no place to hide so we ran and retreated, we were forced into the middle of town at a crossroads, many giants were slaughtered in the retreat. Why do I always see from the losing side? As they all got trapped in the middle of town that is when things got worse. Trains started smashing through buildings and were colliding and killing the giants, the zombies were non-existent now. I was one of the few that escaped the tragedy, but I was still being hunted. Time had advanced to the machine age and now there were boats and helicopters buzzing around, I was about to die, I got shot and fell into the water, I pretended to be dead and exhausted all my breath to sink to the bottom of the river, divers came after me to check my pulse, they found me. I ran under some structure where they could not get me with their bullets and missiles. I entered a lake terribly wounded. I escaped into the only direction I could deep into the lake. I avoided detection from their pursuits. I reached the bottom but time sped forward. Aircraft carrier submarines floated out of the bottom of the lake from the Earth and whisked away out of the lake and into the air as a star ship. Then many starships started landing on the bed of the lake and I was captured. I switched to another perspective of a diver. I explored the ancient ruins of the ancient space faring civilization at the bottom of the lake. Music came out of pipes and I playe with a strange computerized percussion machine, it was a space age arcade room and many things were being revived. The civilization was being revived. The connections among the scenes is loose. I started playing a game, in it I was transported through a tunnel and dipped into lava then transported into the middle of Earth. I learned about a new tool that could be used to create portals on the walls to anywhere I could think of. there was a process to activating the portals and it took a few seconds to energize or activate some predestined portals. I entered some portals to some other worlds but they were scary and I retreated back to the center of Earth.
Created: 14-3-27, 15:30, by Jonathan Bean

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Inspiring Dreams and Visions of the Future, a Spaceship Temple, Organic Cities, Time Travelling, Visiting Other Worlds, and Maybe I Am Doing Astral Projection

The first amazing dream was in eternal place, a temple like spaceship traversing the universe at faster than light speed. I felt this was a ship on a mission to educate, improve, and make conscious and intelligent the whole universe. There were many books there. It was a place to grow spiritually.

In another vivid dream, I saw my greatest desire incarnate, an organic city organism that was creating other beings like itself. It created its own energy and did not harm anything in its thriving life.

And there was a visit to the future in my recent dream, about a year ago. I traveled through rooms that seemed to represent certain ages. As I passed to the next room a force took me on a ride like roller coaster through many ages. I stopped and was telecommunicated many concepts in an instant with a future being, I felt inspired and encouraged by it, I felt there was an exciting future to take place and I was to make it happen. It seemed almost featureless, yet taking what ever feature I imagined it to be.

In another amazing dream, I visited another dimension, world or something new. I walked along a beach where the water seemed to be novel form of matter. It was whatever you wished it to be, you could swim like a dolphin and there was no resistance in it, it flowed with you in your desired direction, you could warp through this water too, instantly travelling to any location you could imagine, it became what you imagined or took you there. It was like the mind of a god. I made love in this water. A person shook my hand and instantly I learned everything about him and inherited his expertise and knowledge. There was a tropical hill in the distant shore and a city over the water.

In another dream, a portal opened up and pulled me in and gave me a roller coaster ride through time and space.

In another vivid dream, I saw the center of reality, it was understood as the  projector of our apparent reality and projected reality with space-time forces carriers and wave/particle creators there was a decaying ball/device that was acting chaotically but I brought the new one and replaced like replacing a light "bulb", thus bringing greater order to a lot of chaos in the world.  This dream occurred after starting a new medication, Risperidal,  which brought order, meaning, and peacefulness into my disordered chaotic mind, it also caused me to appreciate art for the first time. It must have awakened dormant parts of my mind.

In another dream I saw chemicals reacting and dancing  at a molecular level.

Dreams by Jonathan Bean
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Alien Humanitarian Aid Organization

I had a dream about an alien invasion. It was more like a forced kind of assistance by the aliens. They came without warning. The skies were filled with space ships of all sizes. The smallest one man spaceships were closest to the ground. I was on my way to the invasion shelter or the building that would keep the aliens out.
They used advanced technology to make us do as they wanted. A beam of energy would beam from a device on their ship and the energy would encase the subject. After the beam reached the person then they became a puppet of the alien. We were unsure of the intentions of the aliens. All the people in the city were all filling into a line into a building under the influence of the alien mind control. I do not  know what happened for the next few months because I  evaded the aliens and found a hiding spot. The aliens found me but did not bother me after I showed them what I was reading and working on. I knew that they did not interfere with me because they approved of my activities. I ventured out of the hiding spot after few weeks and found that the entire landscape had changed. The city had evolved. I knew that the aliens had used mind control to makes us develop into a more advanced world. I volunteered to check out the city and found that everyone had changed. Everyone had become more socially oriented rather than self interested. I joined in in helping develop the society. 
Dream on 12/20/13
By Jonathan Bean

Electric Zombie Dragons Dream

Wednesday, 3/19/2014 By Jonathan Bean I was sent through the universe and ended up in an electrified world there was as much electricity as there is air on Earth. This dream began after a much longer dream where I was to escape Earth after some sort of invasion. I found a teleport, I went through it and then someone closed it forever and put a force-field around it. I was bodiless so I asked a partner to put me into this body or suite or robot machine avatar, it had a big gun for an arm which would help since the place seemed dangerous. I was in an underground tunnel, I went through some gates and was in a lifeless world. I heard warnings that the electric storm was coming. I went back into the tunnel and crawled through the small opening as it was closing to protect the tunnel from the storm. One guy did not make it through all the gates. Two guys made it into the tunnel but there were no lights. There was a glow coming from over the cliff, the underworld beasts were coming from the abyss, the guns were running out of energy and the beasts would get them. I switched back to the body in the electrified zone. I found a hole in the ground that was safe from the electric fields. It turned out to be a trap, I heard something coming from underground, I was going to be eaten by bugs. Then during the electric storm, something flew from the sky and opened the hatch and picked me up and wrapped me up and took me through the storm, my body was transformed by two of these electric beasts, I was now the offspring of these two beings. I realized that the beasts were zombie dragons and I was one of them.
Here is a picture I rendered and painted: